Here at Happy Tails Farm we take in farm animals from various situations, give them the care and treatment they need and then find them a new loving home.

We also purchase horses from auctions where horses are sold to meat buyers and then transported to Canada & Mexico for slaughter.  In most cases the auction's only requirements are that the animal have or receive a coggins and be able to walk through the auction ring.  Many times they are brought to the auction to avoid animal cruelty charges, or they need expensive medical care, or they are brought by a dealer who doesn't care where they go.

When they are brought to the auction they are unloaded from overcrowded trailers usually from a long journey in which no food or water has been provided.  As they are unloaded they are crammed into pens meant for 3 horses and the auction staff will put 20 in them mixing horses, ponies and minis together.  The horses don't know each other and are very scared.  They fight, kick and trample one another causing injury.  And of course in these pens no food or water is supplied.  If they are lucky they'll get put in the big pen in the middle where there is hay and water but it holds hundreds of horses so they may or may not get some.

Then there is the auction process where they file them in one by one.  This is where you see the full extent of cruelty passed upon these amazing animals.  Sometimes the crowd gasps at what they're seeing and other times they laugh at the pure pathetic nature of the situation.  Either way it is infuriating especially hearing the kill buyer's name called out as sold to for the hundredth time.

After the auction you can watch as all the animals that the kill buyers purchased are loaded onto massive trailers.  They are pack so tight they cannot move and the fighting resumes.  These animals many of which still have had no food or water are exhausted and traumatized and they are still not done being tortured.

If the horses are lucky they will be transported to a nearby feedlot with less than desirable conditions to continue their inhumane journey another day but they will be fed and watered as opposed to the less fortunate that will continue the long journey to their demise in Canada or Mexico exhausted, starving, injured, scared and broken, many of whom will not even make it to their final destination to be inhumanely slaughtered by having their throat slit and hung up by a leg suffering because they're not dead yet.  And just think, many of these beautiful creatures were at one time someone's pet.

If you have a farm animal in need or are interested in giving one a home, email us on our Contact page or call us at 716-864-5167.


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