Pet Therapy 
This is a wonderful program in which people of all ages and needs can interact with the animals through grooming, cuddling and play.  As we all know this kind of interaction can reduce stress, blood pressure and anxiety.  It helps develop gentle behaviors, empathy and kindness.  Just holding and petting an animal can provide a great deal of comfort to a person in need.  Animals are nonjudgmental and do not criticize.  They accept us just the way we are.  They are very trusting and can help build trust in ourselves and others.  Animals give unconditional love and can pick up on emotions.  They are also great listeners.  They don't interrupt.  They don't feel obligated to share their opinions and they are interested in a variety of topics.  Animals help us feel needed, important and just plain happy.
Our Pet Therapy Program is recommended for a variety of people with special needs...
Developmentally abled persons can learn about nutrition, gentleness, following instructions and how to care for other living things.
Mentally ill persons have less anxiety and feel more safe from working with the animals.  Animals can sense the needs and respond to people with mental illness in ways that humans cannot.
Emotionally ill persons respond to the unconditional love and nonjudgmental qualities of the animals (especially children).  These qualities make them feel needed, important and loved therefore helping them to take the risk to trust and love.
Physically handicapped persons can gain emotional & physical strength through working with the animals.  Grooming alone improves balance, mobility and motor control.
Terminally ill persons are less likely to suffer from depression with pet therapy.  The animals bring a level of comfort and support unique to them.
Nursing Home Residents have improved mental & physical health with increased activity with the animals, social interaction and communication with other residence, lower blood pressure, less depression etc.  The benefits are endless!
Juvenile delinquents and at risk youth strongly benefit from pet therapy in their rehabilitation programs because the animals are nonjudgmental and show unconditional love and acceptance.  The kids learn responsibility and trust and come to feel needed and worthy.
Prisoners can get a new outlook on life through the kindness of the animals.  Learning their stories of rescue and rehabilitation teaches them compassion and empathy.  Learning about the animals and farming may spark new skills to build on giving confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.
Soldiers  suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder greatly benefit from this type of therapy through reduction of stress, confidence building and development of relationships with the animals.
As we learn more about the therapeutic effect of animals on people, there will be more and more people who will benefit from contact with animals.  They have much to give and offer it freely.
Whether it be through Theraputic Riding, Touch and Groom or Training and Care, We have the program to suit your needs.
We are available to do Nursing Home visits as well as Hospital visits.  We would be glad to customize a pet therapy session for your group whether it be here at the farm or at your location.  Email us on the Contact page or give us a call at 716-864-5167.  We look forward to hearing from you!
                                                                                  Doctors Foster & Smith,